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This space is for you!

When I became a Spanish teacher in 2002, I had NO CLUE what I was signing up for!  I entered as a career-changing teacher, getting the basics to qualify for teacher certification in Spanish and then taking additional courses in literacy during my first year of teaching.  I know, I know, there are folks who went the more traditional route who may have heaved an exasperated sigh for the state of systems but let me keep going.

I was thrown into the fire, 41 kids in one class, all grade levels, all literacy levels, ALL BEHAVIOR LEVELS and 99% of them looked just like me at that age: young, Black with promise, and precocious. (wink)

Yes, I taught Spanish. I also introduced them to Wolof and West African cultures. Most importantly, I taught them you can be Black and PHENOMENAL in languages!

So this space is for you.

A space to get encouragement from other teachers

A space to get ideas for teaching ideas you may not have considered

A space for me to walk with you as you show your students that look like me, that they BELONG in your classroom.

Join our forum

Check out my webinars!

Get lesson ideas from the store!

I want you to make Afrocentricity a normal practice in your pedagogy.

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