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Bilingual Brown Babies Passport Program.

language is an empowerment tool

This is why you are here.  How can we use language in order to empower our children and students in ways that will give them a competitive advantage over their peers?

LOS DATOS, MI AMOR.  These are the hard facts, love:

  • The US is way behind in this when it comes to language.  They use bilingualism as both a tool to disenfranchise and a tool to set up exclusion.  The “they” in a general sense think they have us convinced this isn’t for us.  But I know better and YOU know better. 

  • There is a power in us being able to connect through the Diaspora through language.  

  • I want that for each of you.  I tell people all the time I am recruiting for a Black Linguistic Army.  Fortified with language to change how we learn and quote frankly how we are taught.

  • My children give their teachers a run for their money.  They are forcing their hand with advanced differentiation and new approaches because their language ability demands they not get the “same ol’, same ol’”

  • At 5, my twins were talking about where in the world they want to work and live because they know the entire world is theirs for the taking


But there is one thing missing:  How do you make sure that you can still offer your child quality international education activities that support your vision for your child’s education?

Study Abroad Centering Black Students


Bilingual Brown Babies is ORGULLOSO to present a signature four-year program that allows your child to get the benefits of study abroad and international education AND center their Black identity in the process!


In my years of conducting faculty-led study abroad experiences, I have learned the importance of curating experiences that reflect a child’s interests and career plans and still focus on how their position as a Black person in this world can transform the globe and empower them as individuals.

With your four-year annual tuition commitment, your child will have carefully curated international and domestic trips that will focus on their target language and grow them into global citizens of the African Diaspora.


The model for our program is based on the National Collegiate Honors Council signature course, City as Text™.  

Annual Tuition Price
(Please note: the price difference notes the added fees associated with late participation for in-country vendors and travel arrangements)

Option 1

Pay-in-full: $32,000
(Save $8,000)

Option 2

Deposit: $8,000
4 remaining annual payments: $8,000


What you get

  • Guided but self-directed 

  • Monthly trainings from October to May

  • Instructional guidance on age-appropriate qualitative research

  • Career explorations

  • Country and culture lessons

  • Access to language lessons

  • Family Cafe for parents to connect

  • Clubhouse for children to connect and make friends prior to the trip

  • 7 days overseas experience to complete research projects and explore!

travel images.jpeg

What we do

  • Aligned to language standards

  • Aligned to IB standards

  • Aligned to CUR standards for undergraduate research

Country Programs

Year One: Sankofa - Ghana

Year Two: Language Focus

Colombia or Guatemala

Year Three: A look at home - New Orleans or Jamestown

Year Four: Power and Colonialism - Spain

More countries coming soon!

*Locations may change based on the number of participants and/or country political stability


Frequently Asked Questions

Listen.  I’m not here for beating around the bush. Are these countries safe for travel?

Yes.  In all my years of traveling to these countries (since 2000), there has been little to no risk for travelers to the country.  BUT, I do make sure to keep a close eye on US State Department’s travel advisory.  There are times when there are escalated protests during election seasons and travel risk may increase to orange until elections are over, but there have not been high-risk countries since the end of the civil wars and drug operations in the late 1980s early 1990s.  But in the event that changes, we will absolutely NOT travel to the country.  Every precaution is taken to keep our trip DIVERTIDO Y SEGURO.


I don’t feel like I speak enough language to do this trip. Will I feel lost in language?

While I believe wholeheartedly in a little empuje in language, I will NOT have your child out there looking crazy with language.  We will have group trainings leading up to the trip and I will be right there if for whatever reason your child gets stuck trying to get something out in the target language.


Do we need vaccinations in order to travel?

It depends on the country.  The Year One trip does require vaccinations. Vaccinations which are usually required are: Malaria, Yellow Fever and Hepatitis B.


Is there a minimum age for the children to travel?

At this time, the program is being offered to 6th-12th graders.  There are family trip programs that are offered by Bilingual Brown Babies that are not a part of the Passport Program.  


Can I fly out of a different city?

In order to make sure the costs stay reasonable for you and to guarantee that we arrive and leave together, as of right now, all travel must begin in Atlanta.


I see that you have payment plans.  What if I want to pay all at once?

¡ABSOLUTAMENTE puedes hacerlo!  Listen, I will never stop you from paying all at once, the payment plans offer suggested ways to ensure all families are able to match the options that best fit their family budget.


My child has never flown before.  How long is this flight?

Normally, travel by plane is about 3.5-4.5 hours one way for each flight.  The same as driving from Atlanta to Savannah, GA or DC to Philly. Please note for the Year One trip, travel by plane can be as long as 6 hours one way.


Is it safe to drink the water there?

Although there are no issues with washing your hands and body while there, we recommend that you keep bottled water for teeth brushing, but all the hotels where we will be staying provide bottles of water for everyday use.


Speaking of hotels, are they safe/secure/clean?

We pride ourselves on selecting hotels in the safest areas of the city with 24-hour monitoring and security.  All hotels are vetted through our travel partners in order to make sure you and your family have no worries there.


Do they get time on our own? 

Short answer: claro! While we do provide group experiences that we will all participate in, once those activities are complete, there is nothing keeping the high school-aged students from doing a bit more each day. Unfortunately, liability & safety do not allow us to permit middle schoolers to explore on their own.

How are we getting around the city?

Transportation is coordinated based on the number of students going.  We will either travel by minibus or taxi, depending on how many people are moving around the cities as a group.  

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