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6-week Baby Bonding Language Workshop

You would do anything for that cute little face!

Your whole pregnancy you dreamed about what life will be like with your new bundle!  


  • The places you would go.

  • The family’s reactions to meeting the baby for the first time.

  • The giggles and smiles.

  • The first step.


But your mind also drifted to:

  • What school will they go to?

  • Will I give them my best always?

And then THE thought came to your head:


I want them to be bilingual,


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You know that I raised my kids bilingual but 


¿Qué hiciste, Kami?  


  • What did your days look like?

  • Did you sing songs in Spanish?

  • How did you “teach” them Spanish?

  • What about language confusion?

  • How do you teach Spanish, change a diaper and stick with it?

  • What do I do if I fall off?

You’re new mom.  You already know you want the best for your newest bundle.  You have always wanted to learn a new language and now this new little one has pushed that drive.  

For 6 weeks, I am going to give you the tea, porque ya sé que querían!

For just $87, you will get:

  • A private space to learn and grow

  • Weekly trainings

  • Audio recordings

  • Continuous support from me during the six weeks 

BONUS:  If you register, early, you will also get a special gift! 

I’m opening a new Baby Bonding Spanish 6-week Workshop
May 2nd through June 6th, 2022
to give new mamas a jumpstart to using Spanish with baby at home!


Learn the songs I sang to my own children to "teach" Spanish


Learn the words you'll use the most with your baby

weekly training

Intense, but easy-to-follow weekly training to get a solid start to speaking Spanish to your baby.


Connect with other new mamas to build your Bilingual Mommy-n-Me Crew!

Frequently asked questions

How much does this program cost?

The 6-week program is $87.  Bilingual Brown Babies reserves the right to change this price at any time with due and timely notice to the consumer.

How often will we meet?

While there will be live recordings each week, you are not obligated to attend if your schedule does not permit.  Video recordings will be posted in a private network site for you to be able to access at any time within the six-week period.

What happens after the six weeks end?

At the end of the six weeks, you will be able to remain a member of the Bilingual Brown Babies Mighty Network with access to other resources and a part of a larger community of families working to become bilingual in English and Spanish.  You will still get the support from Bilingual Brown Babies that is available to all free members of the Mighty Network.

What if I want to do more after the workshop?

You absolutamente can!  Bilingual Brown Babies offers a number of products and services that will allow you to continue your language journey with baby even after the six weeks are over.

What if my schedule doesn't allow me to complete the program?  Can I get a refund?

Bilingual Brown Babies has a strict no refunds policy that can be viewed here.