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Everything you need to HOMESCHOOL with Bilingual Brown Babies!!!

My homeschool families are the foundation for Bilingual Brown Babies.  When I thought where to start building a tribe of #blackbilingualfamilies, I went inmediatamente to all of the Black mamas I knew who were frustrated with the school system and how their babies were being ignored and the glorious #blackgirlmagic and #blackboyjoy were being silenced in the classrooms. Cada vez I sit down to write a curriculum, I am thinking about all of my Black homeschool families that aiment toute languages, but just feel as if their children are not fully included in the ways language is taught.

World languages are not "colorblind" content!  The rich history of the African Diaspora is so interwoven in Spanish and French history, even they don't know all that has African roots!

With Bilingual Brown Babies, you get the language swag AND the Black history!

Homeschoolers Café.png

I know we need support, but not sure how just yet.  Can I just keep you close and still get a little support when I need it?

BBB Curriculum Covers.png

Curriculum and Support

I'll brag a li'l bit:  our curriculum is one of the only places where you get a consolidated African Diaspora history for world languages! Give your child their "language swag" and their histroy and culture!

Spanish Curriculum

French Curriculum

Bilingual Brown Babies Passport Program.png

Homeschoolers can do study abroad too!  I firmly believe all Black children should have passport stamps!

Get pre-departure training classes and an overseas experience modeled after collegiate honors courses!

BBB Spanish CLEP Cover.png

We offer CLEP assessments and study prep for French and Spanish! If you are looking for ways your child can get non-academic credit for their language learning in college, we are here to support it!

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