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We ❤️ languages and we 💗 empowering Black families with language. Use Spanish or French in your family right away, every day when you join us. Language coaching with a highly personal touch. That's our commitment.
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Dr. Kami J. Anderson

¡Hola! Me llamo Kami, your Linguistic Mama Diva and Spanish Mama Mentor. Like you, I am a busy mom.  I have four curious and active children (including a set of twins).  
I know it’s a lot to juggle work, kids’ activities and quality time with the schedule you have and the thought of adding language, although cool in theory, may not seem feasible. But I also know that like me, you’ll do anything for your kids, especially if you know it will set them up for success. 
I change the way Black families are seen globally through language. I am extraordinarily successful in teaching and leaving a lasting impact through language. My “right away, every day” language techniques are the best methods for Black families learning languages.

¿Qué pasa en el mundo de BBB?


My TEDx Dayton Talk

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We all have them.  Those directions we say so much we sound like a broken record.  You're tired of saying them and let's be real, they're tired of hearing them! But what if you could give those instructions and also expose your child to Spanish or French?  Well,  aquí están 5 on it!  I hope you enjoy!
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Estoy lista. I'm ready to join #blacklinguisticarmy! What do you have to offer?


No estoy segura. Can we "court" for a bit first? What can I test out without obligation?


Estoy curiosa. Who are you anyway? I want to learn more about the Linguistic Mama Diva!



Creative/Mom of 3

Kami is passionate about language learning and sharing her expertise with families...She pushes you past your comfort zone and encourages... 

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Business Coach/Mom of 4

After doing a webinar with Dr. Kami I was determined to become a client. I have wanted to speak Spanish since high school...I felt like I missed the window of opportunity. I have been working with her for just under 3 months and my 3 and 4-year-old are understanding. Hubby is sneaking in a few words. I feel amazing! I am ultra confident and I can't wait until our first trip when I get to be in a native country and use all I am learning.





Imani, Marriage Coach/Mom of 2

Honestly, Kami is one of the most passionate women I know when it comes to language. She is truly the force behind the movement that is going to increase the number of brown babies who speak multiple languages.  

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